Oh Hai!

I've been gone.
for a long while.

But I'm back! 

But then I'll be leaving again for a short while
But I'll be back again for a long while!


So I want to share with my adoring stalkers (and lurkers too, you know who you are) what is going on
We (the girls and I) are moving down to live with the hubster!
I am so excited to start a new adventure in a new place where I am a complete stranger and I can make up anything I want about myself and nobody will know because, well...because I'm a stranger!
We leave next weekend so I only have a short amount of time to build an elaborate facade...I have one part of my story already figured out:

new friend:
 "Oh hai, Fancy McDangerpants (my new name). I noticed you have a scar on your neck, where did that come from?"
Fancy McDangerpants (me):
 "Ahh, yeah...once, when I was on vacation at Jurassic Park, I was playing flag football with some Velociraptors and one accidentally cut my neck open with its super long sickle claw that they use for piercing vital throat organs. It's all good though, we're still friends. In fact, we still laugh about it over the phone every once and awhile."
new friend
(BTW, my new friend is Jackie Chan!)

I'm still working on a story about how I found the girls on the side of the street when they were just little eggs and I hatched them in my Quaker Dinosaur Eggs oatmeal because, how else are you supposed to hatch eggs? PSH!

There has been some other stuff going on in my life as well...Charlotte had her dance recital...she cried. There's really nothing more to say about it than that.

I'm not really sure what will become of the art group. We'll be moving into an apartment, so doing art with two young girls in a rented space will be new to me! A learning experience for sure, maybe the art blog will be about my journey with tricks for apartment living or maybe I'll just end that blog...haven't decided yet!

Alright, I think that was update enough. 
I really enjoyed this time we've spent together, it's been too long. I don't know why I stopped seeing you in the first place...guess we just needed some time apart. I may or may not see you before we move, but I'll be seeing you in less than a couple weeks for sure with another update :)