Becoming A Local

You can tell where I sit at the table because my place is littered with magazines, maps, pamphlets, lists, etc. Everywhere I go I pick up something new and exciting. Charlotte is not lacking in the Things To Do department.
We've only  been here a few weeks and have enjoyed hikes, museums, storytimes, water parks, planet viewing, and now we can add food festival to the list.
The Taste of Charlotte festival lasts 3 days, spans 5 city blocks and is jam-packed with food, vendors, locals selling items, street performances, and music. It was an amazing day.
We tried hot dogs, smoothies, tacos, Chinese food, ice cream, popcorn, and  pizza. I wish we could have tried it all! The girls enjoyed dancing in the street to local music, having their faces painted, splashing in fountains, trying new foods, and at the end of the day a street performer's magic act.
That was the most amazing part of the day. Watching a slight of hand act doing ball and cup tricks, pulling people from the crowd, cracking jokes, and the grand finale of escaping a straight jacket. My sweet little girls sitting front and center watching mesmerized. Charlotte was absolutely stunned when she was chosen to assist the very last act. I'll be honest, I was nervous for her. I wasn't sure if he'd ask her to do something she couldn't do or if she'd freeze in front of the large crowd, none of that happened and she performed beautifully. He brought her up to pump up the crowd, she put her arms up the crowd cheered, she put her arms down the crowd stopped. She was thrilled! She put her arms up and ran around the whole crowd, everyone cheering. I will never forget the smile on her face and I'm sure she'll never forget the experience.

Don't miss out on local festivals and other happenings in your area! Check Craigslist, your local libraries, grocery stores, YMCAs, even your state and county websites. I get our yearly state tourism magazine mailed to me, it's an excellent resource where you can find new things to do in your state. If you live in a large city, chances are they have a tourism magazine as well.
Just don't be scared or lazy to get out there, you never know what you might find :)

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