Project 365: Day 207

Surprise Napper

The Wee Hours

Last night I was up late reading my own blog like it was a book. I couldn't stop clicking "older posts"
It's been awhile since I've gone through the blog, I especially loved looking at all the pictures I've sorta forgotten about.
The blog has been lacking in content lately. I don't get many views or comments and I'm okay with that.
The blog isn't really for anybody else but me! I was reminded of that last night when I was reading my crazy ramblings and looking at the fun things I've done with my babies.
I need to make more of an effort to update this blog for me and my girls.
I have a terrible memory and this blog takes me back to those times I've carelessly let fade away.
So, I'll be working on this space more often from now on.
Some things will be different, I'm officially retiring Pancake Sunday.
Some things will come back, I'll be working on Project 365 again.
I'll be updating our parks list and I'll be posting more about homeschooling (Char will officially be a Kindergartener this year!!)

Of course, I'll be doing all of this while the kids are snoozing away in their beds (which is not at this very moment) so until then, enjoy this picture of what we've been doing lately.

Enjoying Summer! What else??


Diet Update

I realize I have failed to give you an update after starting our new diet.
The good news is that Travis is down to 198, that's great for him. I'm down to 114, I'm sure it's all water weight though. I have to get my butt in gear if I want to cut that fat. Finding time to exercise is killing me though.
Gonna nip the muffin top in the bud!

I'm really active with the girls regularly but I want to set aside time to focus on raising my heart rate and really getting into the zone.

Eating fewer carbs is not bad at all! I thought I'd go crazy without my bread and pasta but I feel great! I never realized how bloated carbs made me until I stopped eating them.

Now we're on to eating more carbs, fruit and certain veggies (peassssss!!!!!!)

Hubby is joining an adult soccer team and I'm going to give zumba a go, we'll see how that goes!!

More later :)


Day One

So we have officially started our new diet. I told you that I would fill you in on our stats so that you can keep up with our progress.
These are from Monday morning
Travis: 6'0" 210lbs
His goal is to drop to at least 180lbs and go from there.
Aleacia: 5'8" 120lbs
My goal isn't to drop pounds but to lose the extra fat I have hanging around (can you say muffin top?) I'll be able to gauge my progress by how my pants fit.
The first two weeks are called "induction" it drops you to a low amount of carbs (20 net grams per day) and then after induction you add 5-10 grams per week to find your ideal balance of fat, carbs, and protein.
For ease (because we're lazy) we've decided to eat the same thing everyday, for at least the first week. We may venture a bit by the second week.
Breakfast: eggs, sausage, spinach. (The girls get oatmeal and milk, too)

Lunch: salad greens, broccoli slaw mix, tomatoes, olives, cheese, chicken breast, olive oil and vinegar dressing
(The girls eat chicken, a little bit of salad, and fruit)

Dinner: hamburger with cheese, sautéed onions and mushrooms, salad greens, olive oil and vinegar  dressing
(The girls eat hamburger, salad, and whatever veggies they want)

Travis eats snacks, I never remember to so I add extras into lunch or dinner. He eats a combination of cheese sticks, olives, cream cheese, avocados, celery sticks for snacks.
So there you have it! We're on our way and I'll be sure to keep you updated as we go along.