2010: A Photographic Review

I had a nice trip down memory lane picking out these pictures. I wasn't super surprised to see baby Lexi grow month to month into the big personality she is now but I was surprised at how much Charlotte still looked like a sweet baby at the beginning of 2010. She's practically a little lady now! Hope you enjoy my reflection of 2010.

We started 2010 off with snow, blech! It was pretty decent snow though, it wasn't crazy cold or windy or yucky and wet. Lexi was just starting to push up at 4 months old and Charlotte was such a sweetheart talking more and more at 26 months old.

Such sweet sisters! Lexi had learned to roll from belly to back and wouldn't stay on her belly for long. Charlotte went through a phase where she would squint her eyes and scrunch her nose whenever I took a picture of her, silly girl!

By March we were playing outside in short sleeves! Lexi was sitting up ready to go go go!

Enjoying the beach by April!! Wahoo! Charlotte was old enough to enjoy Easter egg hunting this year too!

Very thankful to have been able to spend Mother's Day with the most fabulous family at the Botanical Gardens.

Charlotte grew a beard in honor of her Daddy. 
They grow up so fast...

Did our first old timey photo at King's Dominion, it was a blast! Was able to spend a morning capturing Lexi's budding personality while Charlotte slept in.

Charlotte turning into such a big girl and extremely silly like Daddy. Lexi crawling all over the place and climbing all over everything but refuses to walk! Celebrated a dear friend's wedding and had the best time out I've had in awhile!

Charlotte started dance class. This was a huge Mommy turning point for me, especially being a stay at home Mom. It took a lot for me to be alright with Charlotte in somebody else's care and not being able to see or hear her and know she is being a good girl. She loves the class though and that makes it so much easier for me. We made the most out of Speak Like a Pirate day by dressing like pirates and hitting the beach. Alexis turned the big 1 and had a luau to mark the occasion but still not walking! Travis lost his job the same weekend of Lexi's party.

Yay! Finally walking!! Lexi walked with her arms up for balance, the faster she walked the higher her arms went, extremely comical. Charlotte is such a little grown up by now (almost 3!) she's able to have full conversations and tell me exactly everything she wants and thinks. Travis was hired onto a new job but it sent him to Greensboro, NC to live without us.

Found out I have a Branchial Cleft Cyst which I noticed around Lexi's birthday. Turns out it's a birth defect that didn't show up until 25 years later, woo...surgery was scheduled for the new year. The girls became roommates and they love it (for now). Char turned 3! We had an awesome Thanksgiving with family and friends.

December brought unexpected snow. A visit from Uncle Mikie, who lives in Japan. A road trip to Ohio for Christmas and lots of togetherness!

I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Changes In Store For 2011

There are a few changes I will be making in 2011:

I am planning on renaming the blog to just "Look Ma!"
I am going to start watermarking my photos
I am on the hunt for a new blog background/theme.

I have a few posts to catch up on, especially the rest of my Advent calendar posts, probably a post about resolutions for the new year (if I make any) and a Christmas post. I was out of town for Christmas so I have fallen quite behind (sorry to all that have been waiting on the edges of their seats)

Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season!!


Christmas Vacation: 12/22-12/29

For Christmas this year I decided to road trip it up to Ohio, yes, I am the only one in the world that would willingly go to Ohio. Here is what a trip to Ohio for Christmas can offer you:

Sleepy Steelers fans

Blue Ridge Mountains

Allegheny Mountains

Golden domes

Ohio Rivers

Prank calling

Sugar crashing

Christmas trees

Strong desire to sleep forever

Extreme irritability



Personal fans that will get caught in your hair


More teamwork


Newfangled technology

Huge messes

Crazy antics

Food within arm's reach 24/7


Giant Red Squirrels

Drinking games

Animatronics older than your Dad

Psychedelic Christmas lights



Melted lighthouses


Hobos escaping on trains


Walls of ice

Allegheny Mountains again

Sweet sweet Blue Ridge Mountains