Advent Calendar: Day 9

I've been a bad Mommy! We finally got so behind on things around this crazy place that I skipped day 9! Shame shame!! I'm actually glad I did though because day 9 was to make a 2011 calendar, I had in mind a flip the page every month type calendar with a picture for each month, man that sounds like a lot of work. A few days later I came across a post for a calendar with one nice picture, less work, still as useful. So that is the new plan, I just need to gather the supplies, anyone know where I can get a little calendar?

[To be continued...]


  1. For the last couple of years Target has had blank calendars in the dollar section. Also, if you go to econobusters.com there is a freebie friday post every friday and yesterday's post had a couple of links for free calendars - you have to wait for shipping but they are already filled out.

  2. Thanks Amber! I'll have to check it out! :)


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