Advent Calendar: Day 15

We did day 14 and day 15 on the same day if the pajamas look familiar...I was pretty excited to make edible tree ornaments for the animals outside (birds and squirrels) we didn't get a chance to make the pinecones covered in birdseed yet because the snow is covering all the pinecones and it's pretty chilly out there to be searching for pinecones. When the snow melts a bit we'll go gather some and finish making our ornaments. We read the book Night Tree by Eve Bunting awhile back when we did forest week and it gave me the idea of putting treats out for the animals during the winter when it's harder for them to find food.

Eating the popcorn instead of threading it of course...

When Lexi realized she didn't like the taste of raw cranberries after eating about 20 of them

Getting ready to hang apples on the tree!

Always eating everything

The fig tree

We hung everything just as it started to snow

Update: As of December 17th (we hung the fruit on the 16th) there is one apple that has been carried away...

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