Advent Calendar: Day 20

Charlotte already started Tattoo Parlor day early by stamping her face with markers as soon as she woke up, and then decided she wanted to be a dog and play tug o'war.

We love tattoos in our house, we love all art in our house and tattoos are art.
Tattoos for everyone!
I had originally wanted to buy a book of temporary tattoos based of real tattoos but never got around to doing temporary tattoo shopping...markers to the rescue!

I had to give her the cheesy spiderweb on the elbow, she LOVES Spider-Man

I was trying to think of all the classic tattoos, the Mom heart and the black panther, etc. I am not a very good tattoo artist to say the least so I just let her finish up herself.

Quite proud of all her work, I wonder if she'll really want tattoos once she's old enough. She's kind of a drama queen, I say one line and she'll be done with the pain...

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