Advent Calendar: Day 5

We have already reached day 5! These days are just flying by! 

I really like the way 5 looks, I'm a sketchy person and if you check out my art portfolio a lot of my work looks like this, but of course a lot of my work is really technical too seeing as it's a lot of drafting! 

Anywho.....day 5 was giving each other makeovers which I thought was going to be lame because looking in my makeup bag the only thing I had in there was a little container with 8 little eyeshadows in it. Turns out Charlotte didn't care, she was quite content with just eyeshadow and she even felt compelled to give me a little modeling session in the bathroom (not the greatest backdrop I know but I'll take pics of Charlotte posing anywhere).

Charlotte had a great time putting eyeshadow all over my face and playing with my hair and even "did" Lexi's hair. 

It's fun to get to do girly stuff with my girls :)

See that adorable bow she's wearing? It's handmade from the cutest  Momma-run bow-making company out there. Check out Bowsheep, you can even find them on Facebook!

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