Advent Calendar: Day 8

I knew that day 8 was going to be dress-up in Mommy's clothes which when I think about my clothes I think about jeans and t-shirts, then I remembered I have quite a few dresses that I never wear that would be fun to play dress-up in! I remember wearing my Mom's dresses

[insert embarrassing picture here] 
Yes, that is my favorite super special awesome teddy bear "Bo Bo" and I still have her... so there!

and I hope that one day my girls will remember wearing my dresses.

I love this face. It's like she can't believe those crazy marks on the stick actually mean something.

 So here is Mommy's prom dress. I had the perfect princess ballgown prom dress. I actually found it while looking through a magazine around the time of my junior prom. I knew it was the one and had to specially order it from the dress store. It cost a lot of money that I worked hard to save up (considering I didn't have a job in high school) and for some reason in my mind I always thought I would pass it down to my daughters. Who knows, maybe they will want to wear it one day but chances are they won't and that's alright.

I think Lexi was looking for Charlotte's feet.

Here's one of my favorite memories of prom night, Travis had a tiny car ( '92 Mitsubishi Eclipse) and my Mom had to literally shove my dress into the car and quickly slam the door shut before it all fell out again. I am surprised we made it to prom alive the dress took up the whole inside of the car!

Here's Mommy's wedding dress. We had a small wedding and I got my dress off the juniors clearance rack in JC Penney's. Charlotte had a lot of fun with this dress, let the posing begin! 

Running circles around Lexi.

I have no idea where she gets these faces from!

And now the lovely Charlotte modeling a red dress I wore for Christmas pictures one year.

This dress I wear quite often, it's a pretty cute quick go to dress but after seeing it on Charlotte I think I might try to tailor it to her because she looks adorable in it!

We had fun with day 8 and can't wait to have more fun with dress-up as the girls get older!

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