Advent Calendar: Day 6

Welcome to day 6! Today we are purging the toys, they really need to be! I decided to try to donate toys directly to children in need rather than just dropping them off at a thrift store, mostly because if I wanted them sold I would just sell them myself. I want to take them to a place I know they will be used. I narrowed the choices down to the Child Life program at our local children's hospital, CHKD and to a children's home in the area called Hope Haven.

I'm lucky enough to have a nurse friend that volunteers her time to the Child Life program and she offered to take the toys to the children for me which is extremely helpful considering it's a lot of toys and I have two squirmy kids that would also have to tag along for drop off. Whatever toys are leftover from that drop off will go to Hope Haven.

If you happen to see any of the toys that you have given us in that picture below don't feel bad but feel happy that your gift will be one that will keep on giving. Kids outgrow things rapidly and being able to give the toys we've outgrown to other little children is a wonderful thing.

Hopefully I will be able to get pictures of the toys at the Child Life playroom and update this post but if not just know that they are there getting played with!

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