Advent Calendar: Days 21-25

So I skipped out on the last few days of the Advent calendar. I knew it was going to happen but I wasn't sure how many days we would miss. Luckily it wasn't really that many since the last two days were pretty much freebies. We probably could have done game night on the 21st but I got really wrapped up into packing for 3 people that it just didn't happen. We spent the 22nd traveling. We could have done graham cracker gingerbread houses on the 23rd but the girls were already quite preoccupied with being at Granddad's house and there was last minute shopping to do. We spent the 24th traveling and the 25th was just a "open your presents and have fun with family" kind of day. Charlotte completed the puzzle when we got home.

I don't know where the 22nd's craft stick went but there wasn't anything written on it anyway

Charlotte was excited to have a new butterfly puzzle to play with

I had a great time creating the Advent Calendar for the girls and I can't wait to use the family one next year and to come up with new ideas for us to do, hopefully by then Daddy will be with us too!

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