Advent Calendar: Day 1

December 1 already!? That can only mean one thing, day 1 of our new advent calendar!

So here it is:

This was the first envelope I made and the simplest. It kinda sets the mood of our contemporary designed advent calendar.

Char took the craft stick out and I asked her what it was, her reply?
"I don't know."

She was excited but she really didn't understand why. I've never talked to her about shaving cream before, Daddy doesn't use it because he doesn't shave his super, awesome, manly, brawny, rugged, lumberjack beard.

The contents of day 1's envelope

Lexi enjoyed the shaving cream!

It's hard to get good pictures of Charlotte when she has no desire to have her picture taken! But don't let that look fool you, she enjoyed playing with the shaving cream as well! I made sure she brought her tea set into the tub and I played Mommy Barista and filled all the cups with nice whipped topping creations!

Charlotte also got her book early today, well actually yesterday. The rest of the books will be given at bedtime. Not a book I would have chosen, she actually picked it out and she's been having a lot of fun playing with the little keyboard which has all the notes labeled and color coded, maybe she'll teach herself how to play???

So there you have it, the kick off of our christmas countdown! Hope you'll come back to see all 25 days :)

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