Advent Calendar: Day 10

Alright folks, here's another shame on Mommy instance. This one isn't soooo bad though. 

Day 10 was supposed to be going to the zoo. The weather was pretty amazing for December and it would have been the perfect zoo day. Nobody goes to the zoo in the winter, those poor cold lonely little animals! I happened to catch wind that the ribbon cutting for a new park in our area was going to be the same exact day and there was no way we would be able to do both in one day. 
Mommy would be exhausted.
So I decided the zoo could wait for the next day and we'd go to the park opening instead.

The new Kids Cove is pretty awesome I have to say and I can't wait to play there more often. Before the ribbon cutting they had the old park open to keep the kids busy and I instantly lost Charlotte in the tiny little tunnels. I'm sure those little tunnels and walkways are the main reason Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation decided to build a new park, I would have a hard time walking through there, I'm very sure a child with disabilities would have no chance at enjoying the old park thoroughly. The new park is fully ADA compliant.

Here's the new park with lovely Mt. Trashmore in the distance. It is exactly what its name implies, a mountain of trash...now a lovely park that people love to fly kites on top of.
The ground of the park is rubber and you actually bounce while walking on it, pretty cool! All the equipment is newfangled and stuff I only dreamed of having when I was the girl's ages, kinda makes me want to leave them with a sitter and go play at the park myself!

Lexi wondering what these crazy grip things are...

The swings are the only thing I heard complaints about, they are incredibly low, Lexi could almost touch the ground while sitting in the seat and Charlotte's toes were scraping while I was pushing her. I didn't try them all but I do think they progressively become higher...

Charlotte really enjoyed this piece of equipment which I was rather hesitant to let her try after witnessing a little boy fall through one of the holes and hit the back of his head on the rungs on the way down. She did a wonderful job on it though, taking it nice and easy (nothing wrong with being a little cautious)

Overall the new Kids Cove at Mt. Trashmore was a blast and we will be spending more time there when we are feeling up for a little drive. Check out these pictures from the construction process and the grand opening (there's a picture of me and Lexi in one of the backgrounds...)

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