Advent Calendar: Day 12

Today is the day we get to use our homemade marshmallows! It's hot chocolate and movie day, well night really...it was actually cookie baking day! Which is why I don't have many pictures. We had a little Keebler elf factory going on in my kitchen :) Gingerbread, chocolate malted milk ball, lemon sandwich, double chocolate, sugar, and shortbread with jam...I think that's all and NO I will not be eating all of these cookies, they will be split up between a few families...

Charlotte's paint covered fingers

Grandma came to enjoy cookies, hot chocolate and marshmallows with us!

Charlotte dunking her marshmallow, she didn't drink the "hot water"

The homemade marshmallows were fantastic! They melted into a wonderful yummy foam on top of the cocoa, it was fab! Hot chocolate, marshmallow, cookie, movie day was a success!

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