Diet Update

I realize I have failed to give you an update after starting our new diet.
The good news is that Travis is down to 198, that's great for him. I'm down to 114, I'm sure it's all water weight though. I have to get my butt in gear if I want to cut that fat. Finding time to exercise is killing me though.
Gonna nip the muffin top in the bud!

I'm really active with the girls regularly but I want to set aside time to focus on raising my heart rate and really getting into the zone.

Eating fewer carbs is not bad at all! I thought I'd go crazy without my bread and pasta but I feel great! I never realized how bloated carbs made me until I stopped eating them.

Now we're on to eating more carbs, fruit and certain veggies (peassssss!!!!!!)

Hubby is joining an adult soccer team and I'm going to give zumba a go, we'll see how that goes!!

More later :)


  1. Love your Blog! Would it be over to link you on mine? If you have a button just email me it and I'll throw you up there :)

    1. Hey Beth! I used to have a button then accidentally deleted it, dur! Guess I should get to work making a new one :)


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