Pancake Sunday 1.22

Apple Honey

I happened to buy some local honey at the store recently and knew I wanted to use it for pancakes. I got to searching the internet and found this recipe for Apples 'N Honey Pancakes. They looked pretty darn good and we have about 8 lbs of delicious Empire apples sitting on the counter that would be perfect to use. 
Today both girls accompanied me in the kitchen, usually it's only Char, she wants to be a chef when she grows up.
The recipe calls for grated apples in the batter, I couldn't find the grater so I just finely chopped up one apple and then sliced one apple for the top of the pancakes.
The girls were a really great help today, Lex should join us in the kitchen more often (even though she stole and ate two whole apples while making the batter)

Once you pour your batter onto the griddle place a slice of apple on top of each one, then when you flip them wait a few minutes for the apples to caramelize a bit. I found the apples were a bit hard to get my spatula under when they were soft, placing the slices on the griddle first and pouring the batter over them worked better for me.

Mmmm, yummy apple pancakes drizzled in honey. Great way to start the day! 
The recipe made delicious tasting pancakes but they were gummy in texture. There could be a couple reasons for that. Instead of yogurt, I used buttermilk. Instead of grating the apples, I diced them. The honey may have made them gummy as well. Overall, they weren't exactly a "hit" Char ate one with the apple on top but requested I take the apple off all the others, maybe if the apple was peeled first she'd like it better? This is definitely a recipe to keep in mind for tweaking, apples and honey is a tasty combination!

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