February and March Update

So right now, I'm supposed to be working on a couple Pancake Sunday posts.
Well, it ain't happening. Not that I'm procrastinating, because I really was prepared to work on these posts (I even had some coffee after dinner to prepare myself!)
I've been failing big time with technology lately!

First, I tried to clean my keyboard and now some of the keys aren't working. I was able to find an app on the iPad so that I can connect it to my iMac and use it as a wireless keyboard. So far it's been working fine, but it's annoying because I have to look at the keyboard to see what I'm typing.

Now tonight, as I was trying to find the pancake pictures I can't load iPhoto. I don't know what the crap is wrong with it because it worked earlier today, but now, it isn't working.

Right now I want to slam my face on my desk.

In other news:

During February, Travis was sent to work out of town, he comes home when he isn't working overtime.
I spent most of February moping around trying to find the balance once again, I should be used to this by now...but sometimes I just like to have a pity party for myself.

We've been visiting a new city in the mountains where we are planning on moving to. Right now we are going through the rental application process, once that's approved then I'll start packing and bragging about how awesome this place is and everyone will hate me and be jealous and I'll be all like
"nyah, nyah"

I've been focusing more on the art blog than I have been on this blog. Mostly because, I don't know. I guess because I'm trying to build the art blog into a business (eventually) and this blog is just a place for me to ramble. Which I like to do occasionally.

We've been really enjoying the weather lately and I am ready to start working on our state park list. We've been visiting small parks because the girls like to play on playgrounds but every once and awhile I can convince them that going on a 5 mile nature hike is awesome. Especially during spring when all the little critters are out and about!

I guess nothing actually earth shattering, I live a pretty normal life.

Recently I left a pile of laundry on my bed for two weeks because I didn't want to put it away. Yes, I hate laundry THAT much. I even slept in the bed right next to the pile.

Oh, here is something else you can laugh at me about.
Recently, we went out to dinner and Lexi told me she had to go potty. Okay. So I took her and she went first, number 2 (that's important). She said she was done, flushed, then I used the potty, she flushed for me, I washed my hands, she washed her hands, it's a long process...you moms know. Anywho, before we left I asked if she was ready, she said yes and we went back to our seat. As soon as she was settled she yelled potty again so I lifted her up out of her booster only to find she was actually telling us, she went potty. In her pants. Number 2. On the booster seat. At a restaurant. In public. OMG. 

In my 4+ years of being a mom, I've never had to deal with a public accident. I never want to do it again. I will spare you the details but want you to know it was gross and messy and gross. 
The end.

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