A green bean!

If you're friends with me on FB or a fan of my Dilly-Dali Art page then you may have already seen this
We have a green bean! 

Wahoo! I decided that since food is starting to grow that I need to get the plants in a permanent pot. I had them growing in a milk jug and was going to transfer them to a 5-gallon bucket (because I could care less about what the container looks like, as long as it holds my plants!). We went on a little shopping trip to the dollar store and found some colorful "waste baskets" that would work perfectly! So I bought a few, punched holes in the bottom and was able to transfer the beans, peppers, a tomato, squash, zucchini, and pumpkin(?). I'll need to go back and get a couple more for the other tomato plants. The beans I am growing are bush beans and I ended up buying a cage for them to hopefully keep the bush contained. I'm sure I'll eventually end up buying a bunch more for all the other veggies too. Gonna try having the squashes grow vertically, I know it can be done with training!

We also bought a shepherd's hook today to hang a bird feeder, we've had it sitting on the back rail for a while now and I decided that it wasn't really very stable. There has been a female cardinal visiting us everyday, she has the most beautiful song! I hope she'll bring her bird friends over to visit soon, the girls love watching the birds through the back door window. 

I'm loving having a garden space on my back porch!

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  1. Chook (my toddler) and I just hung some of our homemade bird seed treats out for the local birdlife. I don't know what a cardinal is or if we get them in Australia but it sounds like a lovely bird to have around!


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