Where We Learn

We're getting prepared to start our first official year of homeschooling after Labor Day. We've been working hard to get our house in order, putting everything in its place to help keep us organized throughout the year. We don't have a super awesome amazing school room but we are lucky enough to have several areas in our house that are comfortable for learning, here is where we learn.

The Living Room
Our super comfy couch, perfect for snuggling up to read or watch a movie
Our (not as full as I'd like) bookcases. They're still awaiting our curriculum books
A horrible example of organization, the computer desk...

The Girls' Room
Where we do circle time in the morning
A little nook for doing puzzles, worksheets, etc. 
In the closet, storage for books puzzles, worksheets

The Kitchen
The kitchen table is great for working together. Our art table in the background is a great place for getting messy
Our arts and crafts supply closet, the girls have access to pretty much anything

We can't wait to get our first year underway!! We're so happy we have several places in our house for learning all the time, sometimes together and sometimes alone. We also have a great backyard for laying out a blanket and several parks that are great for bringing books, exploring and exercising.

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  1. Kudos to you for home schoolin! Can't wait to see what fun stuff you guys do. What made you think about home schooling verses private?

    1. I can't wait for all the fun stuff we do, too! We love fun ;)
      The decision to homeschool was easy for us, the main reason was freedom. Freedom to learn when we want, what we want, and where we want. There are other factors too, but you really can't beat laying under a tree watching the clouds when all the other kids are stuck inside all day

  2. I love that you showed all the spaces you use around your house. Very creative! And I love the fact that I'm not the only one that waits until after Labor Day to start our official year! :)

    1. LOL, I was starting to feel kinda bad noticing that everyone seems to have started already! When I was in school we always started after Labor Day so it's still summer in my mind :)

  3. Aleacia,

    So glad to have found your blog! I'm new to homeschooling and love that you don't have one dedicated area for "school." I'm with you, I love that learning happens where you are, not that learning has to happen is a certain spot. Our summer tradition has been to read outside, while the boys are swinging. My 5 year old now associates the two...now we can't swing, unless we have a book! Not bad huh?

    I also believe you are brave to share your closets, you put me to shame! :)


  4. Nice! I'm working on finding more storage b/c the trophy case is a bit packed now. We're planning on starting after Labor Day but we may start next week. I'm so anxious to start. The only thing stopping me is some of our stuff isn't here yet...should come this week. We started this week doing some school activities only to figure out a good schedule. What curriculum did you get?


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