August: 2012 Goals Review

For a while I was updating you all on how I was doing with my resolutions for 2012. I fell off the blogging wagon and now I'm back on, ready to update you again and make some changes.

So how have I been doing?

Visit more state parks: This one is in the easy section for a reason, because it's freakin' easy! We have been frequenting a few state parks but none on the list because we moved. Now we only live close enough to Lake Norman and Morrow Mountain and I'm pretty sure we'll make it to those by the end of the year. The other parks on the list are now obsolete so I'm replacing them with:

*Chimney Rock
*Gorges State Park
*Grandfather Mountain
*Lake James
*Mount Mitchell

All of these parks are within 2 hours of us, so nice easy drives and plenty of time to enjoy the parks. I just love living in North Carolina!

Get Charlotte involved in some sort of social setting: Char is on a waiting list for a Girl Scout troop this fall, we've joined a homeschool co-op that has a lot of children her age, and dance class is planned for fall. I think this one is covered for the year!

Explore more of Greensboro: This one is not going to happen now that we've moved so let's just change it to "Explore more of Charlotte"

Improve my photography: This one I've completely failed at, so far. I haven't read any books, done any photo shoots lately, I've gotten really lazy. *sigh*

Expand Dilly-Dali Art: I'm excited about this one. I'm in the process of creating a series for homeschoolers, planning on teaching a co-op class, and possibly being a contributor for a larger blog.

Set aside time for activities: I've already posted about our schedule spinner, it's been working wonders! We are a little less strict with it since it's summer but once school starts in September it will be doing its job perfectly once more! 

Maintaining a proper diet: For this goal we decided to watch our carb intake. It's really been working great for us. Reading food labels has really been eye opening as far as added sugar. There is sugar in everything!!! Now that we've been on the low carb diet for awhile it's hard to cheat, mostly because you feel absolutely horrible when you do, bloated, lethargic, and gross.

Eliminate internet distractions: Urm, this one is a work in progress...

So there you have it! I think I've been doing great so far!! I'm on track to finishing quite a few of my resolutions for 2012!

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