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One of my goals for 2012 was to have a daily schedule to keep us on track through the day. That way everyone knows what to expect at a certain time and there aren't any surprises and less meltdowns (in theory). I had written a schedule out on the white board but I kept forgetting to look at it, it was messy and the girls weren't involved with it. 
I knew that if I wanted to accomplish my goal I'd have to create something visual for the girls to be able to read so that they could help keep me on track. I decided to make a spinner. 

I made a list of general daily activities and wrote them down in 30 minute increments. The girls typically wake up at 8:00am and go to bed between 7:30-8:00 pm. When I had everything scheduled I cut out a cardboard circle and divided it into wedges.
I painted each wedge that relates to another the same color, all food wedges are pink, the purple are free time, etc. When the paint was dry, I wrote each activity and the time it's meant to occur.

I cut out an arrow spinner to point to what wedge we're on at the moment. It's attached by a button and some wire.
I hung it up right under our bulletin board, low enough that the girls can spin the arrow to the appropriate wedge. So far it's been going fabulously! Occasionally we've switched time wedges according to moods and time, etc. For example, we've switched "school" time with outdoor time a few times, we've extended art time before. All of the activities are general. "School" to us can mean a trip to the museum or library, free time is anything the girls decide they want to do. Playroom time is time spent in the playroom only. There are books, games, toys in there. The girls love to be in there playing with each other. We've really been enjoying outdoor time lately since it's been so nice out. The past few days have been chilly though, so we've just replaced some outdoor time with more playroom time or more art time.
The spinner has been a very welcome addition to our daily lives, less stress and the girls definitely know what to expect throughout the day and love being able to move the spinner arrow to each wedge.

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  1. Love it! Especially the color coding. We have a schedule but with it just in my head and not even on paper, it doesn't always get followed well. I should atleast write it down for Sean b/c he's always asking "what are we doing next?".


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