Pancake Sunday 2.20

Heavenly Cloud Cakes
or so they claim...

Beaten eggs

Egg and sour cream mixture

Pancake mishaps do happen at my house!

These pancakes definitely had pros and cons about them. 
Pros: Easy, fast to whip up, only 5 ingredients
Cons: Hard to tell when done, not a very good plain flavor, didn't keep well in fridge

There are only 5 ingredients in the recipe which make it awesome: eggs, sour cream, flour, baking powder and salt. The problem with the eggs and sour cream is that it makes it hard to tell if the pancakes are set in the middle, they got firm but not fluffy like, more like the texture/consistency of an omelette. The trick with these is to cook them over lower heat than usual.
The other problem with the sour cream is that it made the pancakes a bit too tangy for my taste. I like to snack on pancakes straight from the fridge throughout the day and these weren't very good to do that with, they were delicious with butter and syrup though!
The eggs gave them a rubbery texture after being in the fridge too...bleeehhh

Overall, I'm not sure if I'll make these again. Maybe as a "I'll keep the ingredients in the fridge" last resort.

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