Man, I sure have been AWOL from the blog lately haven't I?
I feel bad, but not really...
The weather has been really nice so I've been out taking advantage of it. Today we went to the zoo tomorrow we're planning a beach excursion.
I haven't just been being lazy though, I do stuff, I swear!
I got the floor in the art studio painted.
I officially launched the blog and the Facebook page for Dilly-Dali Art and the art group for spring filled up within 24 hours. HOLY COW!
I debuted a logo and launched a Cafe Press store with merchandise that has the logo on it.
I created a team for this year's March for Babies (all are welcome to join the team!) if you can't join consider donating, it's for the sweet little babies.
I've completely ignored the dishes this week. I'm getting really bad about that but seriously, who wants to stand at the sink all day doing dishes!?
I've been reading reading reading art books from the library and I wish I owned them all...I love having reference books around the house, just ask the 192359099083245098.6235345 textbooks I have on my bookshelf...
I honestly can't tell you the rest of the stuff I've done this week because I honestly don't know what day it is! Sometimes when you spend your days with 2 small kids that don't care what day it is you start not caring what day it is too...here ends my mindless ramblings for tonight.

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