Pancake Sunday 2.6

Luscious Lemon Pancakes
Fresh Berries 

The darned zester sliced my pinky open!
Love how these puffed up like little souffles
Fresh berries and powdered sugar to top these delicious pancakes!

This was the best Pancake Sunday yet! The pancakes were fabulous! A very egg based batter, with whipped egg whites, I managed to not over beat the whites (like I did to these) and they puffed up beautifully! The only lemon in the batter was fresh lemon zest and it created the perfect hint of lemon flavor. Not too sweet which was great for topping them with powdered sugar and fruit. 
We WILL be making these again...contact me if you'd like the recipe!


  1. These look too pretty to eat! I'll take the recipe please!

  2. Trust me, once you taste them you won't care if they're too pretty! They are so good! Messaged you the recipe on FB :)

  3. This prego lady must have this recipe, I have slight obsession with lemon right now :)


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