Pancake Sunday 1.23

Every year I get a new cookbook for my birthday/Christmas and this year I asked for a pancake cookbook since we have pancakes for breakfast every Sunday. So I figured I'd start posting about Pancake Sunday.
Today, holding the honor of first Pancake Sunday blog post ever is:

Flannel Cakes with Raspberry Maple Syrup

Just look at that delicious crispy golden brown crust!

Overall the pancake was pretty good taste-wise but it was a bit dry since the eggs had to be "beaten until fluffy" before being folded into the batter and I over folded them into the batter. Oh well, lesson learned! The syrup called for frozen raspberries but I improvised with raspberry jam and it tasted nice and raspberry-ish and not disgusting considering last minute substituting.

I love Pancake Sunday!


  1. Yummy!! We need to come to your house on Sundays. ;) Richard and I suck at making pancakes.

  2. We'd love to have you over one day. I love pancakes so much I would be devastated if I was bad at making them!


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