I Resolve...

I've been thinking about this quite a lot. I think it's important to set up goals that you want to accomplish for the new year and thought Travis and I should sit down and discuss what we want to achieve in 2011.

Of course he told me making resolutions was stupid and he didn't want to make any goals or plans.

So I've been thinking about it by myself...

I haven't actually completed my list yet, I don't want to make some easy to obtain goal that I would have done wether or not I resolved to do it, so I carry around a little notepad and write down whatever comes to mind. When I finally get my list together, which will hopefully be by the end of the first week of January,  I will be sure to post it for the world to see. Maybe that way I'll actually stay on track!

2009-2010: I resolved to take a "real" family vacation every year. We didn't take a vacation last year so I've already failed that one!

What are my lurkers resolving to do this year?

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