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During the end of November, I  scheduled a photo shoot for the girls so we could get our Christmas cards done. I had never hired a photographer before, we just always went to JC Penney portrait studios to get portraits done but had started feeling as if they looked unnatural and felt rushed and that there wasn't really any real connection with the photographer. Anyways, I found a photographer who works part time doing photo shoots at the location of your choice for a very reasonable price and I loved her portfolio on her Facebook page.

[Enter Holly Hill from Shutterly {Sweet} Photography]

I wanted an urban setting because I really didn't want the pictures to seem "Christmasy" and she suggested Olde Towne Portsmouth, so away we went!

I was VERY pleased with the way the shoot went, even though it was absolutely freezing on the day we went (the wind was bone chilling,) Holly did a great job keeping the girls laughing and smiling and happy as could be and captured some fabulous shots of my sweet girls.

What an easy going personality Holly has too, after talking to her throughout the shoot I found out she literally lives about a minute away from me, I've walked past her house countless times, such a small world!

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