The 2011 List

So here is my list of goals for 2011, there is an easy section and a hard section:

The Easy Section
Get back on track with going to the library:  We were doing really well with going to the library for storytime and to check out books twice a week but ended up dwindling down to not at all during the holidays. With all the birthdays, Travis being gone, festivities happening, medical issues going on, I just stopped going and that is not okay with me, so back to storytime (which starts again for the new year next week)

Get back on a sleep schedule:  This is another thing that happened after Travis left and the holidays hit. The load pretty much doubled on me so I was staying up trying to complete everything I used to accomplish in one day. While I was doing that I was pretty much ignoring the girl's sleeping schedule and everything was thrown out of whack. Now they are back to normal naptime, bedtime still needs work but we're almost there! Now all I have to do is force myself to go to bed at a normal time and wake up at a normal time and we'll be set, I've resorted to setting a bedtime alarm (which I ignore on Wednesdays for Top Chef...) and I think I'll start setting a wakeup alarm and that will help things run more smoothly in this house.

Go outside everyday:  Even if it is just for 5 minutes. There have been quite a few days when I've realized that I haven't even unlocked the door when I've gone to lock it at night. It's pretty amazing what a little fresh air can do to up your spirits too.

Start using my sewing machine:  I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I have ideas in my head and now 2011 is the time to start putting them into action. Look out for sewing posts because they are going to be popping up everywhere!

Potty train Alexis:  I hate using the word "train" but I'm sure you all understand what I mean. She already uses the potty a lot, she will be out of diapers by the end of the year.

The Hard Section
Have a vegetable garden:  Every year I say to myself, "I'm gonna grow veggies" blah blah blah, it never happens. This year is the year! Produce prices in the grocery store is motivation enough. I feel confident that I'll be successful, I've read the same book over and over again about square foot gardening and I've picked out the area I want to put the garden. The hardest part I think will be deciding exactly what I want and buying it (plant prices aren't cheap!).

Start a compost pile:  I have this under the hard section only because I don't know anything about composting. I suppose a little more research will help me out but it's still kind of intimidating, but honestly, how can you mess up a compost pile?

Curb appeal:  I really need to do something about the outward appearance of our house. It is so boring, dreary even. Since I'll be outside with the vegetable garden, I might as well be gardening in the front too! First thing to go, the rusted old chain link fence around the front.

Wean Alexis:  This is exactly what it says. I have been working on a post about breastfeeding but it's taking me longer than I thought to get my thoughts out exactly the way I want to. It's in the hard section not for me but for Lexi, so far she's down to about 4 times a day; sometime during the day, naptime, bedtime, and once during the night.  I think she'll have a hard time letting go of the very last one, but she may surprise me.

So there you have it. I think this list is manageable, looks like a lot but we're already halfway done with a few of them so it shouldn't be too hard to complete my goals for this year!


  1. Making a compost bin and composting is super easy! We need to make a second bin b/c our first bin is full. And I'm the opposite of you, I want a fence out front.

  2. We're going to use the fence from the front to fence in the back completely. Then part of the curb appeal would hopefully be a cute nice little white picket fence...eventually :)

    I don't want to do a compost bin actually, just a fenced in open area with a pile, lol

  3. I love your list!! I'm so with you on going outside every day, it makes a difference! If I can grow a veggie garden, I know you can! The hardest part was tilling (I made Matt do that)the rest of it's fun! There's nothing better than summer time tomatoes!! I'm trying to ease into growing from seeds, I had success with carrots and radishes this fall. Hopefully I can grow something from seeds for spring time :) Miss you!!

  4. The awesome part about the square foot gardening is it's in raised beds with its own special planting mixture so no tilling needed! Wahoo! I tried to do seeds last year and completely bombed. Maybe if I can get through the season with plants this year I'll try seeds next year.
    Good luck with your seeds! :)


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