No Poo?

About a year ago I came across the concept of going "Poo Free" which is just going shampoo free, some even go soap free as well. I thought it was an interesting concept and people were raving about it but I didn't give it much more thought than, "Hmm."

Then about a week ago I came across this blog:
I haven't used soap or shampoo in a year, and it's awesome: personal experiment update

and it struck my interest up again. Then one of my Facebook friends posted a question about going poo free within the same week and I was like, "Whoa, this is a weird coincidence." AND THEN I saw a link to this blog post:

Triclosan, Soap and Pregnancy...What's the big deal? (GIVEAWAY!) 

which includes a link to a site called Skin Deep which will tell you the toxicity rating of the cosmetic products you use, enough to make you cringe...also in the blog post is a giveaway for handmade soaps.

All this lead up to something wonderful happening, I don't know why it took so long but a light bulb exploded in my head!

Anything that we buy in the store, we can make ourselves.


I mean, that IS what people did before businesses started making the stuff for us and we all forgot how to make the stuff ourselves and then it became so convenient we started buying stuff we really don't need and now there are shows like Hoarders and people have bad credit.

I'm guilty, you're guilty, we're all damn guilty!

So anyway, I think I may go poo free, there is tons of information about it on the internet and you can choose your cleaning method. Some just rinse with water, some use only conditioner, I've seen some about people not using regular liquid shampoo but bar shampoo and then there is the most popular method of choice: baking soda with apple cider vinegar rinse. I think that is the route I am going to try. I figure with the surgery coming up next week it will be the perfect opportunity to try this out and see how it goes. There is a transition phase that will be tough to get through though. 
Here's what happens:
Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils, in return, your scalp produces MORE oils to make up for the oils that were stripped, therefore if you skip a day of shampooing your hair gets really greasy/oily really fast. 
You just have to get through that transition period where your scalp is trying to regulate the natural oils on your head and then your free...poo free!

I will however not be going soap free.
I instead will try my hand at making my own soap. Really, how hard can it be? I already make my own detergent, so I'm sure bar soap isn't any harder, not to mention you probably get a few bars out of every batch. I probably will still buy antibacterial hand soap though for when I cook with raw meat and clean up yucky baby poop and stuff that's gross.

I think going poo free will be better for the fam, especially the girls. Even though they bathe/shower everyday they only get soaped up as needed. I can always tell when they use soap too, frizzy hair and ashy skin and that is exactly the same thing that happens to me. 

If this goes well (poo free and handmade soap) deodorant and toothpaste will be next to research on the "do it myself" list.

So, with everything I'm starting to do myself, little by little, I'm feeling kinda like a modern day pioneer woman (which I'm still really far from) and I really like that feeling. 

Now to only figure out the deal with going organic which I've been putting off and putting off...baby steps...


  1. Ive been away from the blog way too long..i too have considered going poo free just haven't really done it yet, do you think it helps with breakage?? I talked to a hairstylist and was telling her i got pantene for breakage and she said its the worst from alchol which makes it DRYER and makes it break more...grr!

  2. I shed like crazy usually, now I'm hardly shedding at all! Travis even mentioned how soft my hair was last time he was home. I'm very pleased with the outcome


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