I'm A Winner!

During the first week of November I commented on a blog post for a giveaway. Only one little tiny comment. During the first week of December I was notified that I won! WAHOO! (Thank you Takin' Care  of Twins!) I rarely comment for giveaways but I REALLY wanted to win this one. 
The crazy thing is that I wasn't chosen first, the first winner never responded and I was chosen second!

It was meant to be!

So during the first week of January, I...um, I mean, the girls...finally received the art supplies!

Crayon Rocks
Modeling Dough

All natural ingredients and I mean natural, the green modeling dough is colored with spinach for goodness sakes, seriously check out Clementine Art.
They. are. awesome.
The only gripe I have with them is they do not have enough products, even just expanding their colors would be fantastic.

The modeling dough smells absolutely delicious, the red: strawberry, the green: lime, the yellow: lemon.
The crayons (beeswax and soy) are the smoothest drawing crayons we've ever used.
The paint is a great consistency with nice earthy colors and the red was the perfect shade of red. I could not get over the red for some reason.

Man, maybe I should forward this post to them and they can pay me...

We had a lot of fun using these products and hope you decide to try them out for yourselves.

Charlotte threatening to eat the strawberry modeling dough.
Lexi was enthralled by the modeling dough containers

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