Bunk Buddies

I sidecar'd Lexi's bed up to Charlotte's bed and they love it! I love it too because when I'm reading them books I can sit right in the middle and reach Lexi to rub her back if needed and Charlotte can see the pictures. They are also close enough that they can sense each other while sleeping which puts their minds at ease, I have girls that love to be close to someone while sleeping. Overall this is a win-win!

Sleeping beauties!


  1. Thanks Danielle, it's working out really well! I'm so pleased!

  2. so finally remembered I had an accout on this thing and had to comment...looks like its going wonderfully and I'm so glad that they enjoy being close to eachother! I hope it stays that way for you!! BTW, are they both the same "grow with you" bed?

  3. Yep, they both have the same bed. Obviously two full size beds won't fit very nicely in that room so I'm hoping to get them bunk beds by the end of the year, just have to find some that I like!


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