What. A. Week.

Holy cow, oh my goodness it's good to be back to blogger world. Seriously it has been a crazy week full of sickness. First one girl, then two girls, then Mommy, then the girls again...like a never ending cycle of sickness! And to top it all off it snowed last night!

I am very done with snow. I think I've had my fill of snow for the rest of my life.
Anywho, before I came down with the plague I had been working on a blog post (not this one) to let you know about the progress of the art studio and the toddler art group. Well I scrapped that blog and started writing this one because sometimes it's better to just start all over again.
Before I get to the studio let me tell you a funny story...
My Mom came over the other day and had need to use my computer. My computer is in a tiny room off of my bedroom, it reminds me of a cave. Either way, she enters my cave and exclaims, "O.M.G." Confused I ask, "What?" She points at a huge yellow bag on my desk.
That's right folks, she found my huge 36oz bag of chocolate chips. I blog mostly at night when the girls are sleeping, in my cave with all the lights off snacking on chocolate chips! The secret is out! Don't judge me!
The Cave
Now that you know my deepest, darkest secret, time to move on to the art studio!
I am happy to announce that we have two tables in there for the art group! There is still a lot of work to be done but we are getting there and should be ready by the time we have our first meeting in March. I have also started a facebook page and a blog for the art group so please check them out and follow and like and tell everyone about them! I am very excited to launch this group and I can't wait until we get our first toddlers/preschoolers signed up!

Everything is coming together swimmingly!

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  1. HAHAHA ...you're not the only one that stashes chocolate though. :p


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