Mixing Colors

Sometimes I can be a wandering shopper, just wandering around the store looking for stuff that catches my eye. I happened to be in the bath aisle the other day looking for some sort of miracle conditioner for Charlotte's dreadlocks and stumbled across these. I didn't buy this big container but they had a smaller six pack for 98 cents and I was like wahoo! The girls love bath time anyway and this would make it more fun! Then I got the idea that it would be awesome to use these tablets to learn about color mixing. So that is just what we did!

 First we added one red, one yellow, and one blue to each glass and then let them sit until they were done fizzing.
In the meantime we completed a whole normal yet crazy mood swing cycle that Charlotte seems to go through multiple times a day.
Giggling and acting so crazy and not listening I have to ask her if her ears are open...
Charlotte opening her ears so she can hear what I'm saying
 Completely melting down over the smallest thing...
She got butter on her thumbnail 
 Finally when she was back to being her bubbly happy self we got out our mixing glasses. I asked Charlotte how many she thought we would need to mix and she told me three...I think she was just counting the glasses that were already out but she just happened to be right!

 I asked her what color to pour first and she suggested red and then yellow second, she then stated that she thought that the red would turn yellow when the yellow was poured into the red glass, instead we got orange...sorta...
The red was a bit overbearing to make a distinguishable orange and Charlotte thought it was red but I poured some out and added more water and it made it more noticeable when compared to the red. The green was an instantaneous change, Charlotte was amazed!

The purple was dark so it also was diluted but Charlotte could tell that it was purple.

Here's our rainbow!
Here's the silly girl
 After we made our rainbow we just started mixing colors together with no rhyme or reason, here's what we got (I wish I did this with the rainbow colors before mixing them up)
BTW, I will be buying the bigger container for the art studio, there's lots of fun to be had with these tablets!

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