Pancake Sunday 3.13

Ricotta and Nutella® Pancakes
Keep a glass of milk handy!

How awesome is a recipe that lets you throw everything into one bowl

After ricotta and Nutella were mixed in

Fairly thin batter, it spread well and made nice round pancakes!

Was surprised how they puffed up since the batter was so thin

The recipe suggested topping with honey but I topped with more Nutella!
The pancakes should have been the bee's knees but they honestly weren't. They were good, don't get me wrong, but they just didn't highlight the deliciousness that is Nutella. The ooey gooey messy chocolately goodness of Nutella! I will be revamping this recipe in the future, there needs to be a yummy yum yum pancake recipe with, you guessed it.....NUTELLA!!!!!!
(P.S. Nutella is not a health food!)
(P.P.S. DUH!)


  1. You had me at Nutella! Yummmm!!

  2. Bwahahahahahaah!
    You better start working on a Nutella waffle recipe! ;)

  3. Well..there will be chocolate in next week's recipe. ;)

  4. If all else fails, just eat the Nutella. A spoonful of Nutella helps the Nutella go down. ;)


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