We Went To DC!

We randomly roadtripped to Washington D.C.  to go to the zoo. I've been there before a few years ago to the Mall but never experienced it like this. It was a fantastic trip and I'll be making it again soon for the Cherry Blossom Festival (EXCITED!)
My overall experience with DC was a pleasant one, I rode the Metro for the first time, whoa!
Definitely don't see many kids on the Metro, next time I come I will not be bringing the big stroller!

The wind from the Metro blowing Charlotte's hair
Metro girls
The zoo was nice, I can't lie though, I was a tad disappointed. It's a bit tourist-y for my taste BUT I think it's supposed to be, I mean it is our National Zoo and not a little hometown zoo for goodness sakes! My favorite area was the bird area. The birds had the most beautiful exhibits I think and they're all so colorful. The Kookaburra was my favorite, so funny to listen to him laughing! But as soon as I got the video camera out he stopped (gosh darn him)! As soon as I left I could hear him laughing behind my back, ugh! I did happen to catch this guy making a ruckus though:

The male tiger was putting on a show, roaring at the people behind the door and jumping up to peek through the windows. I'm quite sure he was starving. I was hoping to see them feed him but I couldn't stand there for that long hoping something exciting was going to happen.

Putting her hand in the tiger's mouth
The reptile house was my second favorite place, I love reptiles and amphibians...behind glass of course. I mean, I don't mind them out of glass if they are the non venomous small type with the not so gigantic teeth that stick out while they're eyeing you. They are amazing animals, I was pretty excited to see a couple anacondas, that is one big snake!

This guy was smiling in his sleep after a big leafy green dinner!
One awesome thing about DC that I noticed is that there are architectural details galore! I could just walk around by myself all day taking pictures of interesting details. And there are so many walls that are just screaming to be backdrops!

I'm thinking you guys are going to see a lot of DC in the future, hope you like it!

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