Pancake Sunday 3.20

Guest Pancakes:

Family came into town this past week so instead of having everyone over to my house for Pancake Sunday we went out. 
We go to Doc Taylor's every once and awhile (more so when we knew people that lived at the beach) their breakfast is delicious, fast, fresh, and pretty darn cheap. I know a couple people that rave about their $2 Bloody Marys and Mimosas too...
So today we ordered fresh blueberry pancakes (straight from the garden, even though I don't think blueberries are in season at the moment...) and fresh banana pancakes. 

There wasn't a bite left when we were through!

The funniest thing is, our waitress asked if we wanted to order only one pancake for Alexis...the whole table laughed, she ate both of hers and toast and eggs and sausage and bacon and steak...pretty much whatever everyone else was eating as well...

Doc Taylor's is a fabulous little local joint, if you happen to vacation to Virginia Beach I recommend eating breakfast there, they serve it whenever they are open!

Very pleased with her blueberry pancakes

Very excited about her banana pancakes

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