Pancake Sunday 3.6

Sausage Stuffed Pancakes
What's better than sausage and pancakes in one?


Nom nom, maple sausage

Recipe called for self rising flour so I had to make my own, it fluffed up nicely

I like to beat egg whites by hand that way I don't overbeat them accidently

Stiff peaks

These were huge fluffy pancakes (with nice crispy tops)!

I love how the sausage got little burnt tips, so yummy!

They look like chocolate chip pancakes


These pancakes were quite enjoyable. They were extremely filling, I was only able to finish one. The pancakes were fluffy but were dense at the same time, if that makes any sense. So, the batter needs some work, easily fixed since I have quite a few basic pancake batter recipes. I will definitely be making these pancakes again sometime in the future!

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