Changes Again...

I feel like I'm always making changes to the way I do my blog. It's my blog so I guess whatever makes me happy goes. For months I've been trying to find the happy medium between blogging, house, kids, hubby...just life in general.I thought a blog schedule would motivate me to post more often but it turned into more of a chore and I felt really guilty when I failed to get a post up. I also felt like the blog turned into just the scheduled posts instead of updates on family life. This blog originated as a way for family and friends to know what we were up to.

I'm doing away with the schedule!

I've kicked that pesky schedule to the curb, the only post that will be "as scheduled" is the Friday Blog Hop.

A little update on what we've been up to: being outside.

Those two words describe us perfectly! We got a map from a park we went to recently that had all the state parks of North Carolina on it, we've been slowly crossing the parks off the map. We have about 5 more parks within our range for making it a one day trip. All the other parks we'll have to camp out at to make the trips worth it. I have a lot of pictures from the parks we've already been to and hope to have them posted for you soon!

Be sure to check the blog regularly because now that there is no schedule I don't know how often or what I'll be posting about!

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