Empanadas are stuffed pastries that are either baked or fried. In Argentina the dough is typically made with flour, butter and eggs. Argentine empanada filling differs from province to province; beef, chicken, fish, and even fruit. One common filling includes onion, boiled eggs, olives and raisins. 

Here is the Aleacia version of empanadas:

For the filling I browned some ground beef, added diced onions, tomatoes and corn. Seasoned it with taco seasoning and cumin and added a dash of flour to thicken the juices.

While beginning to make the dough for the empanadas, I discovered we didn't have any eggs, I almost called it quits but my husband told me he had bought crescent rolls last time he went shopping. Sooooo, I used crescent roll dough. They aren't the correct shape and they didn't stretch worth a darn so they didn't hold much filling and turned out sloppy but I wasn't really too worried about it. I closed the edges with a fork.
Since the filling is already cooked through you only have to bake them until the dough is done and browned to your desired color. They were really tasty (even though not authentic) they were gone within minutes!

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