Pancake Sunday 10.9

Dulce de Leche Pancakes
 Dulce de leche is a popular treat in Argentina, it's a milk based caramel-like sauce or spread. It's used to sweeten food and candies and can be smeared on toast, muffins and, of course, pancakes. So since we were talking about Argentina this week we made some dulce de leche pancake spread. There are different ways to make dulce de leche but one easy way is to boil a can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot of water, that takes about 3 hours. I didn't have 3 hours to boil a can so I used a double boiler method, that still took waaaayyy too long.
So I cheated and popped it in the microwave for a few minutes. Guess I should have been more patient because it kept it in the microwave a bit too long and it came out kinda hard. But still tasted yummy!
Have you ever had Brachs Milk Maids? It tasted exactly like those.
It looks like peanut butter
For the pancakes I used a recipe that called for the eggs to be whipped frothy with the sugar, I'm pretty sure I'm asking for an electric hand mixer for Christmas because all this hand whipping is killing my arms! My muscles look great though :p
Frothy eggs
Char mixing all the ingredients
 I think I'll add a new griddle to the list as well, looks like I have hot spots!
So here's the final product! Delicious dulce de leche pancakes. I have to say though, I will not be making the dulce de leche from scratch anymore, it's just too time consuming and much easier to buy it in the store.

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