The Big Reveal

It's been so long since I looked at the before pictures I didn't realize how different the playroom actually looked! I love how the new playroom turned out and it's not even quite done yet but done enough for us to use. I still have the baseboard to paint (same color as around the window) and curtains to put up (I want these) and on the wall with the cabinets we are debating open shelves or upper cabinets but that won't happen for a long while, the ceiling will eventually be painted either with chalkboard paint or a light icy blue color, and last but not least deciding on artwork for the huge open wall opposite the window, it is at least 25 feet long and just waiting to be covered! We love love love the new chalkboard wall but we don't have an eraser for it so I've been using a damp sponge, I would not recommend that at all, it's a big cloudy mess right now, hopefully we'll pick up an eraser soon and some actually chalkboard chalk instead of sidewalk chalk which I would also not recommend for a chalkboard! Thanks Travis for all of your hard work, the girls and I love it!


  1. Great use of space. Love the chalk board idea. We have a wall in our playroom that I think this would be perfect for.

  2. Thanks Abbie! The wall is about 8'6" x 7'6" and one quart of chalkboard paint did one nice thick even coat on it, we really enjoy using it!


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