Feeling Hopeful!

Today was the day of my biopsy. I have been sweating it big time. I hate needles and I hate having stuff done to me that I know is supposed to hurt but it doesn't because it's numb.
So the best news of the day was: I didn't get a biopsy done today! Woo!
The appointment was with an ENT Nurse Practitioner which, let me tell you, was a lot more informative than a general doctor.
She was extremely thorough, explained things without dicking around or sugar coating and I didn't feel like she was a cold hearted robot. I really liked her a lot and felt pretty good leaving the office. She was what I call "efficient".
She said the mass isn't fixed which is a good indicator it's probably not cancer but she still mentioned we can't rule it out.
I had to snort some nasty liquid (which tasted like ear wax) to numb my throat so she could stick an endoscope down my nostril and take pictures of my throat. That was a crazy weird experience and I hope I never have to do it again and I hope you don't have to do it either!
She told me they don't just do biopsies without trying other things first. So I was prescribed a 10 day round of antibiotics and steroids and after that I have to have a CT scan, then take the CT pictures to a follow-up appointment which is scheduled for November 23 and we'll discuss things from there.
So now that's where I am.
Here's hoping the antibiotics and steroids work, even though Travis says steroids are the last thing I need to give it, a little "it's big enough without beefing up on steroids" humor...


  1. A special shout out to Danielle for watching my babies for me and super thanks for my Momma who came with me, prepared to catch me if I passed out!

  2. Glad that it went well. And I will pray that this course of treatment will work and nothing more will have to be done.


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