Destination Births?

The last time we were at the library we checked out a beautiful book called: All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlan.

In short it's about a family that lives on a farm and when the son is born (at home) his family introduces him to everything that's around him to love and then he passes it to his newborn sister (also born at home). In the first couple pages his Grandmother holds him after his birth up to the open window to first hear the wind and see all the wonders around him.

How beautiful an image is that?!

All I could think about was if I had a home birth and held my newborn baby up to the window, hmmm...nevermind, I wouldn't want to hold my newborn up the window. Then I got to thinking, what if I owned a farm in the country and opened it up to people (kinda like a bed and breakfast) but specifically for women who wanted to have homebirths in a gorgeous location far away from hustle and bustle. I suppose I could have room for 1-2 women (and family) to stay for maybe the month before they were due and the first month of the baby's life. How wonderful would that be! Maybe I could call it a birthing bed and breakfast? Would you want to have a destination birth?

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