We love the show Between The Lions. We DVR the series and save them for whenever Char just HAS to have TV and sometimes when I'm sitting on the couch nursing Lexi to sleep and I don't want Charlotte causing a ruckus. One day Charlotte just started reading the words from the opening song and I was amazed! I thought she must just be repeating what she's hearing because they read the words as well, but I muted it and she kept on reading the words! I don't know if she just has the words memorized but even if she does it's still reading and it's a step forward because eventually she will put two and two together and realize the words she's saying and the words on the screen are the same thing and it will just click.

Another thing we just recently started is instead of reading picture books at bedtime we've decided to read chapter books. We are actually getting ready to finish our first one, The Witches by Roald Dahl, she picked it out by herself. I decided to let her decide from all the Roald Dahl books because I absolutely love his books! Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is my favorite movie, I haven't actually read the book (which I can't believe) but it's on the list as well as all his other books including the others that were made into movies. I just think the stories he creates are fantastic and ridiculous and tons of fun, they take you into a whole new world. Anywho, at first Char wasn't interested in the book but once she realized what I was saying was actually what was in the book she starting asking questions about the story and points to words every once and a while and asks what they say, it's great, I can't wait to pick out a new book. Even better, I was explaining to Travis the story of the book and he says, "Oh, like that movie?" I had NO IDEA that The Witches was turned into a movie! So maybe after we finish the story I'll find a copy of the movie and we'll watch it, I wonder if she'll realize it's the same story as the one we read...

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  1. While I was in the process of writing this I came across this blog post:
    Which I think is a real shame, even though we've started reading chapter books we still take time to read picture books throughout the day and before reading a few chapters out of our book


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