Turning A Blind Eye

So this little incident forced me to do something I tend to turn a blind eye to.

Scrub the heck out of the tub.

The girls had black paint all over them and then my tub had a dark black ring around it. I always clean the bottom of the tub quickly before the girls get in but we always take showers so I hardly take notice of the sides and quite frankly I actually HAVE blind eyes so I never really notice how bad it really is when I'm taking a shower. It's not like I'm checking out how dirty the tub is for fun when I'm not in there.
Anywho, while I was scrubbing the evil dark black ring I notice the shower curtain looking pretty, well....ish.
Guess I ought to get a new one, I mean it has been there for 2+ years...eek. So it got me thinking about things that probably should be changed out or done that people just don't do (as often as they should) and I compiled a little list in my head. Here it is:


  1. Changing the baking soda in the fridge:

  2. http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/453/how-to-know-when-your-beauty-products-expire/


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