Done Rearranging...I Think...

So I have interest in starting a toddler/preschool art group in my area and it's had me searching for a place to accommodate such a group. I was thinking a Rec room or conference room would be awesome but we all know art+toddlers+preschoolers=mess, which is actually how it should be if you're doing it right in my opinion. Anywho, to make a long story short, most of the rooms I found cost money (which I want to avoid) or have carpet on the floor (which I don't want to be responsible for) so I decided to rearrange my house to suit my needs. I've been looking for a way to try to get toys out of the remodeled playroom anyway just because I want to make that more of a room for school and I think toys would just be distractions, even though we haven't had too much trouble with that happening, BUT, the toys would definitely be too much of a distraction for a group of kids meeting in there to do art. So first thing I did was move Lexi into Charlotte's room, moved all the toys into Lexi's old room (now it's the new playroom) and leave all the rest in the playroom (now it's the new art studio). I want to pull up the carpet in there and paint the concrete slab underneath but I'm getting some resistance with that...I don't see the problem with doing it since we want to eventually put wood floors in the house anyway, they'll go right over the top and I'll never tell...I now have plenty of room in there to fill it up with art supplies galore, and boy do I have a list! It's going to take time of course and I've been keeping my eyes peeled on Craigslist for closing preschool sales just hoping to hit the jackpot. By the way, donations are ALWAYS welcome!


  1. Awesome! I can't wait for you to start the group! I'll let you know if I see anything on craigslist. Are you on freecycle? If not, join! It's funny you switched to the girls being in the same room now b/c we're working on plans of giving the kids separate rooms.

  2. Thanks Jiza!

    No, not on freecycle Danielle. I looked on their site and was like ugh, have to get approved and blah blah blah, I'm too lazy for that! The girls love being in the same room together, they love sleeping in the same bed, lol, I'm going to take advantage of that for as long as I can! Good luck with separate rooms!


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