Visiting Granddad: 11/15-11/18

 This past week we went up to visit my Dad who lives in Northern Virginia in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We just went up there for a bit of a rest from our ho-hum daily lives, a bit of a scenery change and also for Charlotte's birthday. We didn't have much of a celebration down where we live (which is about a 3.5 hour drive away from my Dad) just because Travis wasn't home, both girls were sick and I was party planned out from Lexi's party.

Dad took Char up and down every toy aisle at the store. She picked stuff up, looked it over and put it down. Then she saw this Barbie and immediately asked, "Can we take this home?" then she proceeded to misplace it and then bite off it's nose and break the belt, which is why I said, "NO BARBIES!"

 Lazy kids! I can tell this is going to be one of those awesome things that makes going to a Grandparent's house special. There is always that one thing that you look forward to the most. For me it's always been the smell of my Grandparent's garage and entryway from the garage to the kitchen. When I smell that smell I instantly know I'm at Grandma's.

 We went on a little journey up the mountain and Dad happened to see a flash and stopped and I spotted a buck in the woods.

 Granddad is a volunteer EMT and loves showing off the ambulances and fire trucks!

 This is the base of the waterfall at Crabtree Falls. It looked like a great hike but we weren't up for any hiking that day, we'll be back for sure though!

Once again Dad spotted a flash and stopped the car, turns out he saw a Bald Eagle just chillin in a tree. As soon as I opened my door to take pics it flew away but I got it in flight!

It was a great mini vaca and hopefully we'll get up there again soon. I'm not much for living in the mountains but they sure are pretty to visit every now and then.

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