Done With Meds

So I just took my last antibiotic a few seconds ago. I should be happy about it (and I am to a point) but I feel more discouraged than anything. There has been absolutely no change with the lump (mass? I really don't know what to call it...) So steroids and antibiotics did not fix the problem and I'm on to the next plan, CT Scan. I have a CT Scan scheduled for Monday afternoon. Not sure if the radiologists (?) will be able to answer anything but I'm gonna try and get some sort of information from them as to what they think. There are some things I need to do to prep for the scan, drink lots of water and no eating 3-4 hours before, etc. but the one thing they told me that really stuck was that with the contrast dye I will need to pump and dump breast milk and avoid nursing Alexis for 24 hours. Ha ha, yeah right...You will see lots of sites telling you that information, but here is one and another that will help you make the decision for yourself. Medical professionals will always usually tell you either to pump/dump or wean just to play it safe to keep their butts from getting blamed for anything. I honestly can't blame them but, I can't believe them either which is why if I have a question about a medication that is safe while nursing I will always ask my local LLL leader, they will give you the most recent information about a medication in your milk supply so you can make the decision for yourself. But back on topic, Monday is the scan and then I have to wait 2 more weeks before my follow up appointment to go over the pictures. That's going to be a looooooong 2 weeks, especially since that's when I'll be finding out if I do actually need a biopsy or not (hopefully not) and then it will be Thanksgiving!
So now that's where I am...

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