MASSIVE Undertaking

My mind wanders.

A lot.

I'm always thinking about the next great thing and I think I finally thought of it! Of course I mean, great in my mind (which is all that really matters). When I get a crazy harebrained scheme in my head there's no getting rid of it until I actually do it or the idea gets shot down by the hubster. Sometimes my ideas are pretty far fetched and never actually materialize into anything, but this time (I think) I have a winner! By the way, I am NOT telling you what it is (at least not in this post). This latest idea will consist of going back to school (for the umpteenth time) and also starting my own business, which Travis said he would be interested in doing with me if it actually takes off. I have absolutely no idea how to start a business but I figure there's someone out there who is going to be willing to help me and there is tons of information about starting small businesses online not to mention books galore at the library. I have no idea how long the process will take but now that I know my husband is all for it I can start moving forward with it! I am so excited to reveal more as it starts to come together!



  1. I can't wait to hear what your idea is!

  2. OOOOH! I'm gonna tell you on Friday ;)


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