Game Week: 11/8-11/12

Game week was so much fun! Who am I kidding? EVERY week is fun!!! We just played a lot of games and sang a lot of songs. I checked out a bunch of game books from the library (mostly finger play and silly songs) and we had a blast with them!

Candyland with Grandma

Peek-a-boo and the Itsy Bitsy Spider

A chalkboard wall full of games!

Small sudoku grid

I drew the lines in the maze since it was a bit high for Char to reach, she told me left, right, up or down.

Tic Tac Toe of course!

We made a game out of pushing Lex back and forth on the horse, Lexi loved it

We played Memory, Chutes and Ladders, I Spy, Uno (Char won her first game with beginner's luck), tag, hide and seek, hand clapping games, finger games, silly songs, you name it we made a game out of it! Here are the books we played with (I'm trying something new and linking the book covers):

Look! I even had time to glue our coffee filter leaves onto the branch we found from last week's post!

School will resume after Thanksgiving week seeing as there are a few important things happening:

1. Follow up appointment
2. Thanksgiving 
3. Holiday pictures

Plus, I lost my list of themes somewhere and really need the time to find it! Bumps in the road like this make me glad for Homeschooling because if we need a bit of a break we just take it! 

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